Introducing grlx

Effective fleet configuration management.

grlx is a configuration management system designed to help keep your servers and fleet nodes in compliance and up-to-date, securely.

grlx in 29 Seconds

Fast, Familiar and Easy to Deploy

Managing a few or hundreds of nodes shouldn't be an exercise in torture. There are use cases that go beyond what other enterprise offerings provide. This is why grlx exists.

Low overhead.
Written entirely in Go, grlx is designed to use few system resources and keep your application front and center.
Depencency free.
Many systems struggle with installing dependencies properly (hello Python), and with so many moving parts, the probability of something going wrong increases. Deploying grlx is a breeze, with one executable only.
Right at home.
Veterans to configuration management tools should immediately feel comfortable with grlx commands and workflows. While newcomers will appreciate the simple architecture and ease to set up.
Secure by default.
Built on top of NATS, all communication between nodes are TLS-encrypted.
Scales with you.
grlx uses NATS for node connections, so it scales horizontally and vertically through NATS server clustering.
Sample commands

Use Cases

Flexibility with Few Parts

grlx supports a variety of deployment scenarios. The farmer binary is all that’s needed to create a management node, and the sprout binary can be installed on any number of nodes you wish to manage. It’s all controlled by the grlx CLI from your desktop. Read more about how it works.

Public Cloud Virtual Machines

Add grlx to your Terraform plans when spinning up instances on you favorite cloud provider. Then use the grlx CLI to magnage your instances.

Private Cloud & On-Premises

Organizations needing a way to manage applications and services in their diverse in-house enviroments will appreciate the simplicity and power that grlx provides.

Fleet IoT & Edge

IoT can offer challenges of resource constrained environments and countless devices. The grlx sprout is low overhead, and the number of managed nodes can scale thanks to NATS.

Version 1.0.x is here. Try it out!

Meet our grlx mascot: Clove.

The grlx project is moving fast on GitHub and we’re excited to announce this release. If you want to start using it now, go check out our Quick Start guide!

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